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Hello from Flores Island, it is a pleasure to meet you.

We are here to give all information about possible ways to get to the tourist destinations you want to visit. At the moment we provide information about the trip to Komodo, including the best holiday activities. While visiting Indonesia, Komodo National Park is one of the best-recommended places to visit.

Many travelers have been years interacting with us to find out the best way to visit the Komodo National Park. With our passion, we inform them step by step the way to get to the park and the best holiday activities.

We have a professional and experienced team to work out all the information needed. Let us know what you need to know and we will find out the best for your perfect holiday to Komodo. We work 5 days a week and we will reply to all the emails within 24 hours.

What type of informations do we provide?

Below are pieces of information we provide:

  1. Transportations to destinations to visit. We will help you recomend the best transportations with high expetation, comfortable and safe.
  2. Destinations or places to visit. We will help you to find the best places to visit, especially in Komodo National Park.
  3. Activities or things to do. For your best holiday experience, we are trying to select all the best holiday activities to do.

What do you expect from our informations?

The things you will get from the information we present are you will know all about getting to Komodo, things to do, and destinations to visit. If any pieces of information you need do not find on this site, you may contact us, speak to us what you want.

Our team works out to find the best and answer every single questions you ask. We will also update any of the important content or put some new useful articles.

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